Like I said last week,  West Virginia’s pandemic map is no longer completely red, so even though I’m not ready to go out to shows yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t. In fact, we’re going to start off with a plug for a show that I would definitely go see, if I weren’t still being cautious due to my auto-immune disorder. Just before this all hit, two years ago almost exactly, the Radio Free Charleston cameras went to Sam’s Uptown Cafe to shoot video of our old friends, The Swivel Rockers.  You can see one of the songs from that night HERE. Friday night, you can go see them in person for yourselves…

As always, please do what you can to remain safe and alive. Get vaccinated and/or wear a mask, or better yet, do both. Don’t be reckless. Refrain from putting your tongue up strangers noses and if you find yourself in a mosh pit, for God’s sake, wear a condom.

Here are some other cool things happening in our local area this weekend. Be smart and support the local scene as much as you are comfortable doing.