rfci 4 14 001A new RFC International debuts at midnight, Thursday. This week it’s a challenging block of music that may remind you of a mixtape that your weird friend made. listen to it at AIRadio, or tune in right here on this embedded blog transistor radio…

Radio Free Charleston International is indeed new this week with two hours of great music that you probably haven’t heard before. New music comes from Cheap Trick, Weezer, Red Vox, The Enid, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Mike And The Melvins, The dread crew of Oddwood, Brian Eno and more. Deep album cuts head your way from Captain Beefheart, Atomic Rooster, Emerson Lake and Palmer, the Buzzcocks and more. Weird and avant-garde music is supplied by Marc Ribot, The Residents, Killing Joke, and others.

It all kicks off at midnight, Thursday, with a replay Friday at 10 PM and Saturday at 11 AM, on Appalachian Independent Radio.

Special Thanks to Mitch O’Connell for this week’s art.

Tune in to hear what all the fuss is about.

Cheap Trick  “Roll Me”

Neil Young  “Sample and Hold”
Dubioza Kolectiv  “Alarm Song”
Marc Ribot y Los cubanos postizos  “Los Teenagers Bailan Changui”

Weezer  “Thank God for Girls”
Red Vox  “There She Goes”
The High Violets  “Bells”
The Enid  “Someone Shall Rise”
The Foreign Films “Sweet Sorrow”

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion “Heartbreak Boogie”
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band “Run Paint Run”
Mike & The Melvins  “Dead Canaries”
The Residents  “Japanese Watercolor”
St. Vincent “Krokodil”
The Dandy Warhols  “Pope Reverend Jim”

Killing Joke  “The Big Buzz”
Brian Eno  “The Hour Is Thin”
Escapism  “Ship To Shore”
The Range  “Superimpose”
Filter  “Pride Flag”

Dread Crew of Oddwood  “Siren’s Song”
Atomic Rooster  “Friday The 13th”
Black Stone Cherry  “War”
Emerson Lake and Palmer  “Toccata”

Hooverphonic  “I Like The Way I Dance”
Danielle DeCosmo “Don’t Know What It Means”
The Buzzcocks  “ESP”
Operators  “Bring Me The Head”

Iron Maiden  “The Trooper”