seven 001The PopCulteer
April 15, 2016

Seven years ago this week (or last week, depending on how you count it) The PopCulteer began as a regular Friday feature of The PopCult Blog. Our first column was an essay about how horrible the West Virginia Legislature was because they ended their session by killing a health bill that would have required calorie information to be listed on menus at restaurants. They did so after being openly and admittedly bribed with donuts and biscuits.

At the time, I couldn’t imagine that we would ever have a worse bunch of criminal idiots running this state into the ground. Now I have to laugh at my naiveté.

Anyway, to mark this seventh anniversary…I got nuthin’.  Zip, nada, nil, zero, not a thing.

You see, your PopCulteer has been tending to his health this week, and the news has been great, but the tests have been time-consuming.  Add to that the ever-looming stack of video still waiting to be edited from JoeLanta and Toy Fair, a flat tire that needed replacing and a weekend family gathering, and something had to give. So you’re getting a short PopCulteer.

Sorry, but it’s not like you’re paying for this.

AIRadio Tonight

radio 03You guys know the drill. This is the part of The PopCulteer where I plug all the fine programming on Appalachian Independent Radio, “The AIR,” Charleston’s finest source of intelligent, high-quality, uncensored radio programming. You can listen at the AIRadio website, or tune in on this neat little radio widget…

Tonight at 8 PM Word Association with Lee and Rudy replays our bonus show from last week as we talk about Marx Toys and The Marx Toy Museum in Moundsville. Tomorrow the Marx Toy Museum (which sadly, is closing at the end of June) will host a free Community Day featuring a “history of Marx” program and toy demonstrations of Marx playthings at the start of every hour.

At 9 PM it’s a new episode of Laugh Appalachia with Lee Hale, followed at 9:30 with an encore presentation of Word Association where Lee and Rudy talk about Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. You can listen to both episodes of Word Association, then head out to see Lee Harrah’s band, HARRAH, perform with Zeroking tonight at The Blue Parrot (see the flyer below).

10 PM sees a replay of this week’s brand-new Radio Free Charleston International, loaded with tons of new and weird music which you can read about HERE.

Saturday morning check back in at 9 AM for a replay of all of the cool shows I produce each week, winding up at 2 PM with an encore of this week’s edition of The Booster Pack, which is all about Harry Potter.

Record Store Day

It’s tomorrow and you should make plans to get up early and head out to both Budget Tapes and Records and Sullivan’s Records to support our local music stores and snag rare, limited releases by dozens of artists including David Bowie, Iron Maiden, GWAR, and tons of others. Read Bill Lynch’s article about it in the Gazette-Mail, and check out these two related events…






Stuff To Do

It’s skimpy this week because your PopCulteer has excuses. There’s more than this going on. Go explore and find out about it.










That’s it for this week. I’m out.