This Thursday during Charleston’s Art Walk, Stray Dog Antiques will present the work of Jake Fertig.  Jake has created a really fun ‘zine for the occasion, and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Reboot.

{Full disclosure: I have been a friend and fan of Jake’s for years, and there is a one-page “ad” for PopCult in REBOOT, and Jake has contributed animation to Radio Free Charleston}

REBOOT, to get to the point, is a blast. It’s a short collection of Jake’s creations, including several illustrations, a spooky first-person short story, some poetry and even a production still from his upcoming movie, Rabidts. This debut issue is the “Spooky Season Special” so the contents are geared toward the anticipation of the Halloween season.

Also of note is a reprint of some of the coverage of The Braxton County Monster from The Charleston Daily Mail (from exactly 70 years ago today) and some offical Rabidts paper dolls.

You can buy your own copy of REBOOT at Stray Dog Antiques, at 219 Hale Street, this Thursday during ArtWalk.  ArtWalk, of course, is the monthly event where Charleston’s art galleries and other art-friendly establishments stay open late and host art openings, exhibits, special sales and all sort of other cool things to support Charleston’s art community.  Jake created REBOOT to tie in with ArtWalk this month.

That’s not all of Jake’s work that you’ll find at Stray Dog Antiques.  Jake will be on hand and will have buttons with his artwork as wll as some really cool wall hangings and sculptures, some of which you will see below.

Meanwhile, check out Jake’s website, to keep up with his latest cool creations.

The cover of REBOOT!

Cool little ghost dudes.

An illustration from REBOOT.

A very cool Yeti wall-hanging. You can pretend you hunted him yourself.

Some Braxxie-inspired critterations.

Pinback buttons!

We leave you with a work in progress…creepy clown heads. See the finished product at Stray Dog Antiques.