10-4-schedThe rest of the week looks incredible on The AIR as we bring you new episodes of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle, Beatles Blast, Curtain Call, Word Association with Lee & Rudy, The Comedy Vault, Radio Free Charleston International, The New Music Show, Radio Coolsville, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat and The Third Shift.  Listen in at the website, or on this cool embedded player…

Wednesday we offer up new episodes of Life Speaks To Michele Zirkle, Beatles Blast, Curtain Call, Word Association with Lee & Rudy and The Comedy Vault, plus we have other special coolness awaiting you.

The morning brings you replays of The Swing Shift and three hours of great local music in the AIR MUSIC MIX.

At 11 AM it’s a special presentation of The Mystery Hour.

Noon sees 90 minutes of Mrs. PopCulteer, Mel Larch, first hosting a replay of last week’s Curtain Call, and then also hosting a classic episode of On The Road with Mel.

At 1:30 PM it’s time for an all-new edition of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle.  This week Michele sings the praises of boredom, and how it can pave the way for creativity.  You can hear a replay of Life Speaks at 7 PM.

At 2 PM music takes over with a brand-new Beatles Blast, hosted by yours truly, as we pay tribute to Tom Petty with an hour of music that he made with The Traveling Wilburys.

At 3 PM a brand-new Curtain Call presents part two of our two-part salute to the Bernstein/Sondheim classic, West Side Story, on the occasion of the 6oth anniversary of its debut.  The show is recreated using performances from different productions and some wild cover versions of tunes from the legendary musical take on Romeo and Juliet. Following the finale, the remainder of the hour is filled with offbeat WSS covers by a surprising array of artists.

The AIR Audio Playhouse brings you part two of a Jules Verne classic at 5 PM and our weekdaydouble-shot of The New Music Show and The (BS) Crazy Show follow that.

Following a replay of today’s new episode of Life Speaks, we have a new episode of Word Association with Lee & Rudy at 7:30 PM. This week your pop culture pontificators take on the subject of great rock albums.

air10-5-68 PM sees a replay of Monday’s new episode of Prognosis, as Herman Linte brings you the music of Triumverat. At 10 PM we present Marking Out with BelVillain and Betty, and at 11 PM it’s time for The Comedy Vault, new this week with a classic episode of The National Lampoon Radio Hour.

Thursday, Radio Free Charleston International is two hours of unpredictable musical mayhem, which means that it hasn’t been recorded yet as we write this. Likewise, Friday offers up a new episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat that we have not yet heard. We can tell you that Radio Coolsville really lives up to its name. There will also be a brand-new edition of The Third Shift Friday evening.

Just gawk at our lovely schedule graphics to get all giddy with anticipation.

It looks like we have a huge hole in our text here because of the double strips of graphics. This is not good. I don’t really feel like writing this much right now. I’d rather be in the living room watching wrestling.

See, I’ve been knocking myself out producing these radio shows for The AIR for the last two years, and we’ve built up a decent following. Several thousand people tune in to listen to our shows each week.

The odd thing is that hardly any of our listeners are local. My analytics tell me that we don’t have many listeners here in West Virginia, except on Tuesday when we debut a new episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Even stranger is that we have a decent European following for our over night marathons of The Swing Shift. Go figure.

In a couple of weeks we’re going to go full-bore on Halloween programming, and after that we’re looking at adding some exciting new programs to our line-up and moving some of our older shows around a little bit on the schedule.

It’d be great to get some feedback, but we’re not the bright, shiny new object in town, and the folks here in Charleston just can’t seem to be bothered to tune in and support a cool, internet-based radio station. I mean, we don’t have a street team or advertising, and we don’t want to beg for money, so we’re content being West Virginia’s best-kept secret.

For those of you who are listening, thank you, and stay tuned. We’re stubborn enough to keep doing this.

Okay, I think I filled up the rest of the blank space in this post.