11165092_10153404618104601_544033155819012330_oThe PopCulteer
January 8, 2016

Actually, that headline should probably read “Thing That Isn’t Fun.” That thing would be having a stomach bug at a time when you have work piled up on your desk.

It’s thrown your PopCulteer off his game this week. We were supposed to run our looks back at 2015 in toys and comics, and I had a fun piece planned for today, but it’s just not going to happen.

12238049_10153376971459601_4572953693515148465_oWith luck I’ll beat this bug over the weekend and get things back under control and on track next week. This is frustrating because there’s so much going on right now. That means that there’s even more busy stuff for me to do.

PopCult will be returning to The International Toy Fair in New York City next month. We will be there for all four days this time, and we are taking a three-person crew. One month later we return to JoeLanta, again with a three-person crew, to bring you the sights and sounds of one of the biggest collectors conventions in the country.

11049588_10153359603414601_8958673915885736139_nOn top of that, very soon we’ll be involved in the launch of an exciting new internet radio station that will see the relaunch of the Radio Free Charleston radio show, as well as other cool programs coming from the PopCult crew. I’ll tell you more about that as the launch date approaches.

This weekend, the plan is to produce either a full episode of Radio Free Charleston (the video show), or an RFC MINI SHOW, depending on how your host/instigator feels. Look for whatever we come up with on Monday.

11051969_10153379992229601_4495966329768286739_oI do need to take a moment to point out that my friend, and World’s Greatest Artist, Mitch O’connell, has been posting clip art on his Facebook Page for some time, with the offer than anyone who wants to use them, can…for free.

I have taken him up on that offer several times while creating flyers for bands who didn’t do them for their shows that I want to plug here in PopCult. This week I’m using some of his random clip art images to illustrate this column. I would suggest that all of you folks reading this visit his website and buy stuff, because it’s really, really cool. He sells stuff through his blog, too.

Meanwhile, here’s some of the Stuff To Do in town this weekend:



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ONA flyera





Hopefully, PopCult and your PopCulteer will return to our normal functions next week.