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On this date in 1953, Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England.  In honor of his knighthood, here’s a video of Alice Cooper on The Soupy Sales Show. [youtube]gJfuWhMQ3Tc[/youtube]

Sadly, Sir Winston Churchill never appeared on The Soupy Sales Show.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    I remember seeing this horrible late 1970s revival of the SOUPY SALES show, after years of no SOUPY on TV. The new version was wretched. The last time I had seen his show was when I enjoyed it in my childhood, in the dim days of sparky, hand-cranked B&W television. Going back and looking over some vintage SOUPY shows that were later released on VHS, I realized that even the earlier shows were dismal crap, but I didn’t know any better. Children really are idiots! Hats off to home video for destroying our childhood memories.

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