Can you believe that it’s once again time to talk about the cool programming on The AIR. Listen in at the website, or on this arrogant little radio player…

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Thursday afternoon now means Radio Free Charleston on The AIR! At 3 PM you can tune in for the premiere of a new episode of Radio Free Charleston International, where your host (and PopCulteer) Rudy Panucci brings you two hours of whatever he feels like playing.Check out the playlist at the bottom of this post. This week’s show is loaded with new music from the likes of Peter Garrett, Kansas and Regina Spektor and extra-long tunes from artists like Paul McCartney, Jon and Vangelis and Simple minds.

At 5 PM you can hear this week’s local-oriented Radio Free Charleston, this week opening with Deadknot, an international supergroup that includes Charleston’s own Mark Wolfe. We also dive deep into the archives with classic tracks from The Rose Garden, Happy Minor, Doctor Curmudgeon and Mother Nang, and bring you new music from Crazy Jane and Hurl Brickbat. See the full playlist HERE.  This is followed at 6 PM by the RFC Interview with Mark Wolfe, where you can hear him tell the tale of Deadknot.

At 7 PM The AIR presents the final installment of Charlie Brown Superstar for now. Next week we have some very exciting new programming debuting on Thursday nights. Harrah’s Hard & Heavy follows at 9 PM, and Live From The Empty Glass comes up at 10 PM. Our overnight programming begins at 1 AM and serenades you with the music of King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Elvis Costello and YES all night long.

Here’s the RFC International playlist:

RFCI 023

Peter Garrett  “The Great White Shark”
Jon & Vangelis  “Far Away In Baagad”
Kansas  “The Voyage of Eight Eighteen”
King Crimson  “Epitaph”
Regina Spektor  “Obsolete”
The Who  “A Quick One”
Toyah Wilcox  “Let The Power Bleed”
Ultravox  “I Can’t Stay”
Deadknot  “Losing All My Dreams”
Simple Minds  “New Gold Dreams (German Dance Remix)”
Paul McCartney  “Secret Friend”
Oingo Boingo  “Insanity”
Frank Zappa  “Bogus Pomp”
Kate Bush  “The Big Sky (Meteorgical Mix)”
Dukes of the Stratosphere  “Mole Of The Ministry”