7-13-schedSomething interesting has been happening of late. The AIR, our little internet radio station, has had a surge in listenership.  We’ve gone from attracting maybe a dozen or two listeners each week, to a point where we now have well over 3,500 weekly listening sessions.  I’m not sure what’s causing this sudden interest, other than possibly the old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” but it’s gratifying to know that people are actually listening to our efforts. If you haven’t yet, you too can tune in and see what kind of audio shenanigans we’re up to on The AIR.

Tune in at the website, or on this swell embedded radio player…

Because we have so many new listeners, over the next few weeks your PopCulteer is occasionally going to be dragging out some of the early episodes of Radio Free Charleston International that we haven’t run on the station for almost a year now. This is entirely because our new listeners will enjoy being exposed to the formative episodes of one of our flagship shows, which breaks all the rules of radio programming, and is not at all because I was too lazy to do a new episode this week.

Thursday at 3 PM, with replays over the next week, you can hear the second episode of RFC International, the show where I play whatever the hell I want. This show opens with an obscure Oingo Boingo B-Side that was only released in Japan, and includes uncensored music from the likes of Can, Marianne Faithful (yes, THAT song, uncensored), Captain Beefheart, Weezer and more. I’ll put the playlist at the bottom of this post, below the jump.

The rest of the day we have replays of this week’s episodes of Curtain Call, The Swing Shift and Radio Free Charleston, sample episodes of Radio Coolsville and Beatles Blast as well as an all-new episode of The New Music Show, our beyond-cool music rotation show, which this week saw new tracks added by Pale Nova, The Company Stores, Liam Gallagher, Membrane Cell, Fitz and the Tantrums and more.

At 10 PM we present Spurgie Hankins and others, recorded Live at the Empty Glass. At 1 AM it’s an all-night marathon of The Swing Shift, which is gaining popularity in France and Germany.

I’ve been plugging away at The AIR hard for over a year now. It’s cool to see it finally find an audience.

Here’s the Playlist for RFCI 002

Oingo Boingo  “Helpless”
Weezer  “Do You Wanna Get High?”
Dubioza Kolektiv  Pirate Bay Song”
Jane Wiedlin  “World On Fire”
Adam Ant  “Cool Zombie”
Moron Police  “Who’s That Chicken”
The Aquabats “Sequence Erase/Giant Robot Bird Head”
The English Beat  “Click click”
The Creatures  “Killing Time”
Julian Cope  “Beautiful Love”
Genesis  “Return of the Giant Hogweed”
Ian Gillian and Rick Wakeman  “Light My Fire”
The Pretenders “Private Life”
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  “Believe”
Pete Townshend  “Empty Glass”
Frank Zappa  “Uncle Remus”
DethKlok  “How Can I Be A hero”
Men Without Hats  “Underneath The Rainbow”
XTC  “It’s Nearly Africa”
Elvis Costello  “Tramp The Dirt Down”
Joe Jackson “Soul Kiss”
Can  “Outside My Door”
Marianne Faithfull  “Why’d You Do It”
Captain Beefheart  “Veteran’s Day Poppy”
Laura Mvula  “Living Without You”