0c5c4a91It all starts this weekend. Your PopCulteer will be in New York City with an all-star crew to bring you the sights and sounds and news on all the cool new toys coming your way in 2016 (and beyond). We are going to attempt to update PopCult with posts from the scene starting as early as Saturday night, but we don’t know how overwhelming the experience will turn out to be, and we might have to wait until we get back.

Last year was our first trip to The International Toy Fair in New York, after 20 years of reporting on the Toy Industry. We only made it up for the final two days, but we had a blast. This year we will be able to immerse ourselves in the entire Toy Fair experience. You can expect to see loads of photos, video and stories about all this rampant coolness over the next several weeks.

Now that we know what we’re doing, we plan to have a more organized attack, and gather a ridiculous amount of news. So stay tuned to PopCult for all the details on Toy Fair 2016.

Lest ye worry that PopCult will go untended while we bask in the glory of Toy Fair, rest assured, all of our regular features will be here. Your PopCulteer sacrificed his weekend and skipped watching The Super Bowl to prepare two weeks worth of Videos, Flashbacks, Art, Playlists and more. Relax. We’ve got you covered.