bloodmoon title cardThis week hasn’t been entirely about getting ready for Toy Fair. Most of yesterday was spent editing a music video for the band, HARRAH. “Blood Moon” is the first single from the forthcoming Empty Glass Records Release “HARRAH” by the band HARRAH.

Directed by Rudy Panucci, incorporating clips from the movie “Messiah of Evil,” directed by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, which served as the inspiration for the song, written by Kenneth Booth. You may remember a very rough version of this video using an older demo of the song and different performance footage on last year’s RFC Halloween Show. This is the new and vastly-improved version.

HARRAH is Kenneth Booth, Sheryl Lovell, Eric Seckman and Mr. Lee Harrah, my co-star on Word Association with Lee and Rudy, which can be heard Friday nights, with repeats Saturday and Sunday, on Appalachian Independent Radio.

“Blood Moon” was indeed inspired by the cult horror classic “Messiah of Evil,” and the video combines footage of the band performing over the course of many years, with clips from the movie, which is a bizarre 1973 cinematic mindgame. You can watch the whole movie HERE. It was a blast to put this video together and you can catch HARRAH with Sheldon Vance and Gypsy Rhythm next Friday, February 19, at the Blue Parrot.