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Toy Fair 2017: Mattel’s Wonder Woman

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fdf35_c_17_773Wonder Woman from Mattel

Your PopCulteer is unable to attend the 2018 International Toy Fair in New York, which begins this weekend, but that won’t stop us from covering as much as we can from here. All week long we plan to bring you previews of what to expect on toy shelves this year.

Entertainment Weekly has been given the scoop on Mattel’s line of toys based on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie (due out June 2). Check their website for more info and photos of the toys, which will retail for $15 to $30 dollars. Meanwhile, check out some of these swiped images that we dug out for you.

Our lead image is the 12″ hybrid action figure/fashion doll of Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman. Below we bring you a look at some of the other toys, including the mounted Wonder Woman with her trusty steed, which will sell for just under thirty bucks.

These toys are supposed to be out this spring, which in retail reality means that they may start showing up in stores before the first of March.



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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Decent looking figures, but I hope that won’t be the extent of Mattel’s DC offerings for 2017.

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