Since your PopCulteer decided not to attend Toy Fair in New York this year due to health reasons, we are once again doing our coverage remotely, borrowing images from folks who are on-site, and linking to their coverage so that they can get the proper attribution and hits and everything.

Some of our images were picked off of social media, with no attribution given, so we will note that when it happens, and correct it if the persons responsible come forward.

This one is easy.

If you want to keep up with all things MEGO, head over to the MEGOMuseum.

They have a post with all the MEGO Toy Fair 2020 reveals, and they’ve been keeping track of all the pre-Toy Fair leaks and teases.

You can see photos of the next wave of MEGO figures, including Captain Picard, Stan Lee, Mr. Hyde, The Fly and more.

Plus they have a post on their front page with information on their upcoming 8″ DC Comics line.