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April 4, 2014

You may have noticed that the navigation bar here at Popcult is a little askew. It’s all part of the big Gazette website redesign, and they are working to fix it. In the meantime, expect the posts here to have some extra graphics up top, so that we don’t lose any text. Today’s graphic is for a very cool Model Railroad show that I just found out about while starting this week’s PopCulteer. Details are in the column below. We’re also going to look at a couple of fundraisers for filmmakers.  We’re doing this quickly, because we have some of our own technical issues here in the land of PopCult.

But first, in case you missed it, go back and read last week’s PopCulteer. I talk about the upcoming showing of the sci-fi classic, “Forbidden Planet,” which will be shown at The Clay Center’s Electric Sky Theater next weekend. I’ll be reminding you lots more before then. Plus, you can check out the event page at Facebook.

Speaking of “Forbidden,” the lovely lady you see above is Princess Polly of the Sixth Dimension, from the upcoming movie, “Forbidden Zone 2,” a sequel to one of the greatest movies ever made. There is an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund it, and you can find it way down at the bottom of this post, after the jump, because it’s not exactly safe for work.


You can own this shirt!

More socially acceptable is the Razor Sharp Studios fundraiser to help them take their latest epic, “Pig Girl,” on the convention circuit. You can help them out and get a really cool, limited-edition T-Shirt featuring Porkchop, the Poricine horror that started it all.

As it says on the Booster page, “Buy an awesome limited-run Porkchop shirt and help get indie horror into conventions this year! We’ve been very successful this year in fundraising to get our films into conventions and film festivals, but there are still many cons we would LOVE to visit (Horror Realm in Pittsburgh is an example). Purchase a shirt, get us to conventions and festivals! It’s that simple!”

Here’s this graphic again for the Model Train show…



Forbidden Zone 2

The following is not suitable for the easily offended. If you like this, consider donating. If you don’t like crude humor, great music and gratuitous nudity, you probably ought to skip this section of the PopCulteer…

If you want to help make this happen, go here…

That’s it for this truncated PopCulteer. Check back often. We’re here every day.