megoThe video chronicles of our adventures in toyland continue. ToyLanta (incorporating JoeLanta, Botlanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention) happened March 11-12, 2017. One of the eagerly-awaited Saturday panels saw the Earth Station One Podcast take over for an hour of pure MEGO talk with ESO’s Mike Gordon and Mike Faber joined by ToyLanta’s Buddy Finethy and Radio Cult’s Ricky Zhero.

The quartet of pop culture knowledge chime in on the famous MEGO line of action figures, which first found success with Superheroes from both DC and Marvel, but which branched out and licensed everything from CHiPS to happy Days, to The Waltons, The Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and beyond.

Regular readers of PopCult might remember that your humble correspondent was a regular attendee of MEGO Meet back when it was held in Wheeling. It was a blast to get to see people talking MEGO in a convention atmosphere once again. You might even hear yours truly contributing to the discussion, from the safety of the behind-the-camera zone. You can hear the podcast version of this show, and tons of other great episodes ofat their website,  Earth Station One .

Check PopCult regularly because we’ll be posting all the panels we recorded all week long. Next up: We’ll look at The Needless Things Podcast, with this year’s ToyLanta installment of Toy Stories.

ToyLanta happens every March in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s not too early to find out about next year’s show.

Visit ToyLanta for early details on how you can be part of the coolest toy show in the South. Plus you can check out their Facebook page.