17190777_10212325074109811_1607390189262306461_nToyLanta (incorporating JoeLanta, Botlanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention) happened March 11-12, 2017. One of the most-anticipated and well-attended panels at ToyLanta saw Felipe Monaco give a detailed presentation on Brazil’s version of GI Joe, Falcon, and also a look into his own production of custom outfits and figures under the banner of Louco Por Bonecos.

Felipe introduced American audiences to the amazing details of Brazil’s version of GI Joe, which was an amalgam of military GI Joe figures and 12″ versions of the smaller-scale American “Super Joe” line of the late 1970s. He also presented background information on Brazil’s Estrela Toy Company, which basically had a monopoly on toy production in the South American country while Brazil was under military rule.

You can find more information about Felipe’s work at his website.

Check PopCult regularly because we’ll be posting all of the panels we recorded all week long. Next up: James Wozniak with Classic Recasts Mexican Marx Reproductions.

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