larry-001We are close to exhausting our stash of videos of panels from ToyLanta, but we’re saving some of the best for last. ToyLanta (incorporating JoeLanta, Botlanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention) happened March 11-12, 2017. This time around we’re going to check in with Larry Hama, the legendary creator of GI Joe: A Real American Hero. Larry also had best-selling stints as the writer of The Punisher and Wolverine, and as the editor of Marvel’s acclaimed Vietnam War comic, The ‘Nam. He’s also an accomplished artist who broke into comics as an assistant to Wally Wood, and was a longtime associate of Neal Adams.

In this video, Hama talks about his 1970s detour into acting and the time he wound up in the original cast of a Sondheim musical on Broadway. He also takes questions from the audience, and sort of discusses the new action figure based on him, which has already far exceeded all its Kickstarter goals and stretch goals. Of course, he also talks a lot about making comics and his work on GI Joe.

This panel was held the morning after Larry sat in with Radio Cult, proving that he’s a man of many talents, writer, editor, artist, actor and musician.

Check PopCult regularly because we’ve been posting all the panels we recorded all week long. Next up: Our final panel is the State of the Hobby address, this time by Greg Brown of Cotswold Collectibles, and focussing on the 3D printing work by Sean Huxter and Keith Holmes that Cotswold is bringing to fans. After that, we still have a few more videos in the pipeline for next week, but the panels will have all been posted.

ToyLanta happens every March in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s not too early to find out about next year’s show. Visit ToyLanta for early details on how you can be part of the coolest toy show in the South. Plus you can check out their Facebook page.