AIR color 0003It’s another Tuesday packed with great music on The AIR, with new episodes of Radio Free Charleston and Radio Coolsville, a much-requested encore of Radio Free Charleston International, and part two of Six Degrees of Separation with Jack Griffith and Richard Alderson. We also managed to sneak in bonus airings of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat and Harrah’s Hard & Heavy.

You can tune in on The AIR website, or listen in this nifty little widetry doo-dad here…

At 10 AM and 10 PM, Radio Free Charleston kicks off Under Surveillance and continues with a full hour of great local and regional music. Just check out this astonishing playlist…

New RFC Logo 0401RFCv4018

Under Surveillance  “Pushed Me Too Far”
Time And Distance  “Live A Lie”
Westerberg High  “Walking With A Ghost”
Hellblinki  “Rust”
Charlie West All Stars  “Frankenstein”
Charlie West All Stars  “Snortin’ Whiskey”
Unknown Hinson  “Peace Love and Hard Liquor”
The Nanker Phelge  “Killer Took A Holiday”
Joe Vallina  “Haven’t Got Enough”
QiET “Hirundieans”
Mike Morningstar and Rick Roberts  “East End Bar”
Swivels  “Chemical City”
The Company Stores  “Rollin’ In”
J Marinelli  “Acceptable Faces”
Bobaflex  “You Don’t Wanna Know”
The Renfields  “Forbidden Planet”

coolsville blue_nAt 3 PM DJ Betty Rock comes at you with two hours of danged cool music, new to The AIR, with Radio Coolsville, recorded at WMUL in Huntington. DJ Betty may well be the spiritual heir to Radio Free Charleston when your PopCulteer retires…in a decade or three.

At 5 PM stick around for an encore of last week’s edition of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. Sydney Fileen brings you two hours of pure New Wave ecstasy, with tunes by U2, Eurythmics, Ultravox, Wall of Voodoo, Kirsty MacColl, The Beat, Nina Hagen, Joe Jackson, The Dickies,The Jam, Talking Heads, The Ramones and more.

At 7 PM Harrah’s Hard & Heavy gets a special time to present part one of “What Made Me,” a two-part look at the music that shaped the beast that is Mr. Lee Harrah. You will hear the influences that fed the rage, from Slayer and The Ramones to Buddy Holly and The Beatles, with a little John Carpenter and Roddy Piper thrown in for good measure. Part two premieres next Monday at 10 PM, and special double-shot replays that present both shows back to back will be announced soon.

8 PM sees an encore of part two of the epic Six Degrees of Separation featuring Jack Griffith and Richard Alderson.

After the 10 PM replay of RFC11 PM brings us a replay, by popular demand, of the third episode of Radio Free Charleston International, the famed “Bathroom Break” show that included only five songs in its two hours, in celebration of the long songs that deejays would play when they really had to go to the bathroom in the days before computerized automation. You can read about it HERE.