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Tuesday Morning Art: Looking

A day late, but that was due to internet gremlins on top of  a hectic, but wonderful, weekend.  Today’s attempt at art is called “Looking.”  I called it that because it’s gots eyes all up in it. There’s a deep metaphysical explanation about what it means, but if I told you, then hundreds of years from now nobody will write a book about it.  You know, “The Panucci Code,” which will explain that Barry Allen (The Flash) didn’t really die, but instead survived the Crisis On Infinite Earths and moved to France, where he raised a family while his neighbors looked on and said, “Ze Americans, zey are always een such a rush!”

As you can tell, I’m very tired.  After the jump, I’ll tell you about the cool weekend music and events, but first, surf on over to the Cafepress Stores to buy this week’s art.  Below the virtual fold, you can also see some of the component pieces that went into this week’s artwork.

As is the norm, clickedy-click the image for a larger version.  The internet gods willing, you can cruise over to the Monday Morning Art Cafepress store and purchase this image on a variety of garments and fine trinketry.    Also, all of the artwork for Emily will be available from the PopCult Cafepress store at least through the end of summer. All proceeds will go to Emily.  I’m also working on hooking up with a local gallery to sell prints of this work, again with all the proceeds going to my friend Emily and her family.

It was a fun weekend in RFC/PopCultland.  Friday night Mel and I took in The No Pants Players on National No Pants Day.  After a late dinner, we’d planned to swing by O’Kays for the benefit show, but those plans got waylaid by a family pet emergency (all is well, it was just a dog-sprain).

Saturday I awoke before the crack of noon to head up to Davis Park to take in some of the Rock In Love Tour put on by The Bridge.  It was a great day, and our only regret was that we couldn’t stay for the entire show.  They had free food, and tons of clothing was donated for the homeless.  Plus we managed to snag two songs for Radio Free Charleston from Doctor Senator, and you’ll probably get to see one of those next week!  The Bridge pulled off an amazing show, and hope it becomes a regular occurence.  Regettably, we had to leave before our friends in Holden Caulfield took the stage, but I hear they were great and we’ll check them out with The Concept on May 31 at the La Belle Theater.

After we departed Davis Park, I dropped Melanie off at her place, so she could go catch Capitol High’s production of “Phantom Of The Opera,” which she raved about later. I got ready to hit The Empty Glass to hear Nashville’s The Coal Men.  Dave Coleman, Jason Hitchcock, and Dave Ray are an amazing band–you can hear them (along with the aformentioned Holden Caulfield) in the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston.   Even with Dave Coleman’s wrist taped up after a skateboarding incident, the band sounded terrific.  for their second set, a young uknown local guitarist, Michael Lipton, sat in and fired off more than a few searing geetar lines.   It was great hearing and hanging out with the guys, and I’m hoping they get to come back to town soon.  It wouldn’t shock me if they broke on a national level real soon.

Sunday was spent working, then heading over to my Uncle’s house to watch Sinatra stuff on Turner Classic Movies.  Sinatra is the featured artist this month on TCM, so every Sunday and Wednesday night, they’re showing Old Blue Eyes marathons of movies and his classic TV specials.  Well worth watching, if you’re a fan of the Chairman.

Oh, and I promised you a look at some of the pieces that make up this week’s art.

Here’s an eye.  It’s one of mine.

Here’s one-fouth of the background, in raw form.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    You mention “Old Blue Eyes”, followed by a picture of your own eye, tinted blue. You make no overt mention of this connection in the text. Admirable restraint, dear lad!

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