AIR color 0036Tuesday is laying low on The AIR, but we still have a killer line-up of programs. Radio Free Charleston and The Swing Shift are both in reruns this week, but we bring you the best reruns on the face of the planet. Heck, we’re going t give you FOUR FULL HOURS of  The Swing Shift, starting at 3 PM. You can see the whole schedule below, but remember to stay awake for part two of The Stand at Midnight!

You can hear The AIR at the website, or on this swell and somewhat nifty embedded player…

Tuesday’s Schedule:

7 AM       Prognosis (War of the Worlds)
9 AM       Curtain Call 010
10 AM     Radio Free Charleston 028
11 AM      Radio Free Charleston 027
Noon       Mystery Hour (No Doubt)
1 PM        Radio Coolsville 008
3 PM        The Swing Shift 009
4 PM        The Swing Shift 002
5 PM        The Swing Shift 010
6 PM        The Swing Shift 011
7 PM         The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy 01
8 PM         Sydney’s Big Electric Cat 013
10 PM       Radio Free Charleston 028
11 PM        Radio Free Charleston 027
Midnight   Stephen King’s The Stand
2 AM         All Night New Wave Marathon