The PopCulteer
May 20, 2022

This week, in keeping with the original spirit of The PopCulteer to do something different every week, we are bringing you two very short PopCult videos.

Think of them as video essays.

While they seem to have nothing in common on the surface, the fact is, they were recorded within fifteen hours of one another.

These are holdovers from our lightning trip to New York City three weeks ago. We’re going to show them to you here in reverse order from wence they was shot.

First up you’re going to see a very short video I shot on Sunday, May 1, from the window of the Amtrak Cardinal. We were passing the C&O Railway Heritage Center, and I got footage of the back end of the museum, including some of the rare and ancient cars they have in their railyard alongside the Amtrak tracks.  If you are a Charleston Gazette-Mail subscriber, you can read a cool article or two about the C&O Railway Heritage Center that were published earlier this week.

Anyway, here’s the quick video…

Our other video is a totally different story.

While we were in New York to see The Minutes, we chose to see a matinee so that we could run around Times Square a bit in the evening (and get some Junior’s Cheesecake while we were there).  When it was time to get back to the hotel, we had a hell of a time flagging down a taxi.  However, our knight in shining SpongeBob gear appeared with his Pedi-Cab, and said he could get us to our hotel in less than eight minutes, which he did. It was a blast.

I wrote about it HERE, but I also shot video of the ride, sped up just a little to match the background music (we had to use approved music so that YouTube wouldn’t flag us), and here is the very shaky result…

And that is our PopCulteer this week because yours truly is off on a very quick (and much closer) day trip this weekend, and didn’t really feel like writing word things. Be sure to check PopCult for fresh content every day, because that’s what I do. If there isn’t fresh content, there’s probably something wrong.