Friday at 2 PM Michele Zirkle returns to The AIR with a one-hour Life Speaks special about UFO sightings. You can hear it at The AIR Website, or listen to this embedded player…

Life Speaks To Michele Zirkle returns with a sixty-minute special that explores UFO sightings in our local area. Her guests are Pennsylvania paranormal expert, podcaster and author, Tony Lavornge, and Michele’s own father, Mike Zirkle.

Mike was driving East on I 64 one evening last December when he saw a strange, bright white rectangle floating in the sky. He descibes the sighting and the entire incident, and compares notes with Tony and Michele.

Tony is no stranger to the unexplained. He’s the author of a book about strange happenings in Western Pennsylvania and is in regular touch with MUFON, the UFO tracking organization. His Legends and Lore podcast looks into many aspects of the unknown.

This is a fascinating hour of serious talk about the unknown, and Michele and Tony share their own experiences with mysterious lights in the sky.

With our world in such an unprecedented and frightening situation, it can’t hurt to open your mind, look to the sky, and ponder the wonders of the unknown. Now, more than ever, we need some healthy escapism and something to dream about that isn’t doom and gloom.

You can hear this special edition of Life Speaks Friday at 2 PM and 10 PM, Saturday at 7 PM, Sunday at 9 AM and next Tuesday at 1 PM, exclusively on The AIR.

You can also go to The AIR website, click on the link that says “Podcast” and listen to it on demand.