Above you see a quick video I made Wednesday afternoon wherein I unbox the Saturday Morning Madmania cereal box filled with all prizes that I told you about HERE.

This was a case of me grabbing the camera, the portable studio and the Madmania box and shooting a video in the five minutes of the afternoon where my neighborhood was not under an aural assault from airplanes, lawn mowers, dog walkers or the guy who blows the whistle on the Kanawha River Railroad, who must really love his job.

In my haste, I managed to completely forget the names of all the supporting characters on the cool stuff in the box. I also forgot to mention that this incredibly fun Kickstarter project was created by Christopher Irving of The Drawn Word. He’ll be launching a new Madman Lunchbox campaign next month, and I’ll tell you about it when it’s live.

And also, I do mention Mike Allred, the artist and writer and creator of Madman, but I’m doing it again here because I’ve been a fan for more than thirty years.

For the record, the five Duncan Yo Yos seen in the video feature drawings of Madman Noir, Dr. Boiffard, Joe Lombard, Dr. Flem (who to correct the video, is not The Puke) and a photo of Allred’s wife and colorist, Laura Allred. The whoopee cushion has a drawing of The Puke on it.  There are also three lobby cards and four pogs.  Plus I opted for the newest Madmania fanzine.

Basically,  I just knocked out this quick video so you could enjoy my excitment about this cool Kickstarter campaign.

Below we have a few photos with close-ups to make up for my shaky camera work in the video….

The group photo. All this came in that one box.

Zooming in and showing off the flip designs of the pogs and a Yo Yo.

A closer look at the box front and some Yo Yos.

The latest Madmania, plus a whoopee cushion with a little Puke on it in the background.

Finally we have the back of the box. Pretty…as they say…ginchy, no?