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August 6, 2010

Rudy, from the host segment shoot for RFC 109, the day before he got sick and lazy.

This has not been a great week for your PopCulteer. I was supposed to start filming a really cool project this week for a future episode of RFC, but last Sunday I woke up feeling like the chest-burster Alien from the movie of the same name had taken up residence in my torso, and he’d brought his mucus collection.

So, in addition to a week where we had our choice of two kinds of weather, hellishly hot or torrential downpour, I felt like roadkill that had been used for batting practice.

What that means for you is….a special Friday column filled with images instead of words. ‘Cause I really don’t feel like writing about anything but how crappy I feel, and nobody wants to read that (except maybe the ex). So, enjoy the random photos and images. I might even stick some of my artwork in there.

One of the images created for the early days of PopCult, which has since disappeared from the archives. Presented again for relevance.

"The Scream: 2010"

Behind the scenes of the RFC 109 shoot. It's Terminator Mel.

Remember that series of abstracts I turn to when I run out of art? Here's the very first version of "Scape."

Part of my living room.

The Peoples Building, another reposting of lost PopCult graphics.

The RFC T Shirt stash for upcoming shows.

One element from last Monday's Monday Morning Art.

"Ball Lightning" This is what I was doing Thursday night when I should have been writing this column.

More lost PopCult graphics. This time it's an old flyer illo I did for Three Bodies, recolored sometime in 2006.

An early version of "Desperate But Not Serious" which ran here a couple of Mondays ago.

Finally, here's Johnny Rotten with his buddy, Keith Emerson. PopCult should be feeling better next week.

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    Very nice art, thank you.

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