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Venture Brothers ReMegos Reviewed

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This week we take a quick look at the final two figures in Bif Bang Pow’s Venture Brothers series. These ReMego figures, made and packaged in the style of the popular 1970s Mego action figure line, are a great end to what has been a terrific line of figures based on the Adult Swim classic cartoon, which is sort of retro-cool itself.

Image5The two figures wrapping up the line are Sgt. Hatred and H.E.L.P.eR. (Humanoid Electric Lab Partner Robot).

With these two characters, all the major players in the Venture Brothers have been made into ReMego figures, with the exception of The Sovereign, the leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent and The Council of 13, who for most of the series looks exactly like David Bowie, which would make securing likeness rights rather tricky.

help3H.E.L.P.eR appears in the line as a newly-molded figure, with no clothing (as he is a robot) and removable body parts. He looks a little like a Zeroid mated with an IV pole, and this came out.

He was previously offered as a cardboard figure that could be assembled from pieces cut off of the backs of the first six figures in this line. Since nobody in their right mind cuts up the card backs of action figures these days, it’s nice to have a real, plastic version to interact with the rest of the cast.

Image4Sgt. Hatred is the former villain who stepped up and became The Venture family bodyguard following the disappearance of Brock Samson. he is a more traditional ReMego figure, with a heavyset body designed by Doc Mego, and a padded light blue jumpsuit to give him the extra heft needed to look right.  Also included are webgear, a helmet, gun and cigar accessories.

Of course, he also has the big “H” tattooed on his face. Construction is solid and both figures perfectly capture the look of the characters from the show.

help2These figures are usually sold as a pair and are easily found at Entertainment Earth, where they are occasionally marked down to half-price, which is quite the bargain.

With the series apparently concluded, this is your last chance to get in on the Venture Brothers Action Figure fun. (EDIT: “Apparent” being the key word. A sixth season of the show, with all-new storylines, is in production now.The series of toys, however, is done.)


  1. Steven Allen Adams

    Concluded? I thought they had one more season?

    • rudy panucci

      They might, but they pretty much wrapped up every loose end in that one-hour special earlier this year. It seemed like a series finale. Either way, these are the last of the action figures.

      I’ll edit in a note about the possible sixth season.

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