From now until the end of June we will post at least once a day with details on what you can experience at home during this pandemic year for Charleston’s annual festival of all arts. For 2020, FestivALL is when The Internet Becomes A Work Of Art. Every day we will bring you up to date on this year’s VirtuALL FestivALL, plus we will flash back to some of our video coverage from previous years, and I will dig into the archives for one post in the Monday Morning Art Exhibit, collecting some of my favorite pieces from the nearly fifteen years that I’ve been posting my original work here in PopCult.

The big event Wednesday is the virtual edition of Three Things. FestivALL’s live monthly speaker series showcases three guests who will share insight into their personal story of where they started, what they love, and where they are going.  This time it’s a totally virtual Three Things tied in with FestivALL’s VirtuALL programming. At 7 PM, Season 5, Episode 2 is going online and will feature musician and host of Mountain Stage, and West Virginian of the Year, Larry Groce, Tony Award winning actor Michael Cerveris, and 2-time Grammy award winning musician Kathy Mattea! These three creative trailblazers will share stories revealing a side not often seen by the public.

Three Things Season 5, Episode 2 will premiere on the FestivALL YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 17th at 7PM.

Other FestivALL events for today include an Organ recital from First Presby at Noon. You can still take inThe Alban Arts Center’s Eugene O’Neill Project, which I told you about Friday.  You can also participate in the CAMC “Run For Your Life” virtual run/walk. The Show Your Pride window display contest is already underway, and you can vote HERE. Ice cream and the arts is also underway, and details for this coloring contest for kids can be found HERE.  The Virtual Art Fair will open on June 14th on the FestivALL website – check it regularly for the gallery and links to shop your favorite WV artisans this summer.

You can also vote on The Artbus, check out the Art-for-ALL Kids’ Juried Art Exhibition look into the “Faces of First Responders” Tribute Mural and teens can participate in Life: Unedited. FestivALL is off to a strong VirtuALL start!

The FestivALL Flashback

Today we wrap up our coverage of FestivALL 2010 with three RFC videos. The first has music from Comparsa, Evan Mack, Melanie Larch, T. J. King and Miss Behavin’. You’ll also see Scott Elkins’ entry in the FestivAll Silent Film competition and a montage of the FestivAll Catfish. The second has music from The Velvet Nomads, Actual Rhinocerous and Comparsa, plus snippets from Patrick Fetlon’s one-man play, “Waiting For Jennifer” and scenes from ArtWalk, and The Capitol Street Art Fair, featuring dancer, Jude Binder. Ourfinal 2010 video includes music from Option 22, Brian Diller, Bare Bones and The Velvet Gypsies, plus footage of Musical Easels with Adrian DeQuiros, and Jude Binder and Kitty Killton.

RFC 105 "FestivAll 2010 part four" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

RFC 106 "FestivAll 2010 part five" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

RFC 107 "FestivAll 2010 part six" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

The Monday Morning Art Exhibit

Today we go back to May, 2017, for a digital Impasto take on one of the Lions outside the awesomeness that is The Art Institute of Chicago. This might have been the last piece of Monday Morning Art that I created prior to having cataract surgery.