Every year that I’ve attended JoeLanta, and later ToyLanta, I’ve produced a wrap-up video to try to capture the energy and excitement of the experience. My first show was in 2013, which was at the tail end of my 20-year period as a family caregiver, when I couldn’t really travel for anything that wasn’t health-related.

That first year was a revelation. In the space of about three hours I met over fifty people who had been online-only friends for the better part of two decades. The JoeLanta crowd welcomed me and Melanie (now Mrs. PopCulteer) into the JoeLanta family, and the annual trip to Atlanta has been a big part of our lives ever since.  I’ve made a wrap-up video every year since our first, although in 2016 I didn’t get it finished until November (that was a bit of rough year for your PopCulteer).

When the show transitioned to ToyLanta a couple of years back we enthusiastically embraced the expansion, since it all goes to benefit the Cody Lane Memorial Toy and Diorama Museum, a dream that we are all still working hard to realize.

As part of VirtualToyLanta, which is neccessitated by the Coronavirus situation, we are bringing you videos of our coverage of past editions of ToyLanta/JoeLanta.  Below you will find all of the big wrap-up videos I’ve produced, in order, so you can get an idea of how the show has grown and evolved, and how it will indeed come back next year, bigger than ever.

As part of the “post-show events” mentioned in the graphics below, in the coming days I’ll be posting more VirtualToyLanta video showcases with panels, parachute drops and other cool things that we’ve seen over the years at this very special toy show. Go join the Facebook Group to see way more cool stuff from the best toy show in the world.