Episode 128 of Radio Free Charleston, “Valhalla State Park Shirt” is online and hovering at the top of this post.

This week’s show features music from Prank Monkey, Jay Oakes and Paul Callicoat and Short of Cash. We also have more classic animation from Frank Panucci.

Host segments were shot at the green space across from the Clay Center, and our shirt comes from TeeFury.com.

Our first musical guest is Prank Monkey, the house band for the Wednesday night jam at The Blue Parrot. Prank Monkey is Johnny “Hurricane” Compton, Jamie Skeens and Mike Vandergriff, and they kick off the jam session with a quick set before sitting in with other musicians as the night progresses.

It’s a great mid-week blast of wide-awake rock music, and you get a taste of what they can do with their cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic, “Voodoo Child” on this week’s show. The Wednesday jam kicks off around 10 PM at the Blue Parrot on Capitol Street, and there’s no cover.

Our animation this week is “Turkey Wang,” yet another bit of classic, mind-altering Frank Panucci animation, re-mastered into Hi-Definition by a crack team of Korean re-tracing artistes. Chai-Keseck-twan Studios is one of the leading CGI effects and restoration houses in the world. They’re currently at work on a special anniversary edition of “Forrest Gump,” where they’re using computer graphics to re-attach Lt. Dan’s legs.

Our next musical guest comes to us courtesy of Doug Imbrogno and WestVirginiaVille.com. Doug shot and edited a music video for Jay Oakes and Paul Callicoat’s musical tribute to The Mystery Hole. This is the second song about The Mystery Hole that we’ve had on the show. The first was by The Feast Of Stephen, who reunited on RFC 105 episodes ago.

Paul is an old friend of Radio Free Charleston, first appearing way back on episode ten, teamed up with Doug as “The HeyDays.” Paul is also a co-owner of Route 60 Music, in Barboursville, who were our partners in The Great Guitar Giveaway a couple of years ago. Jay is a veteran area musician and songwriter who’s been highly-regarded for 30 years.

As I said, the video comes to us from Doug Imbrogno. If we can twist his arm, he might let us feature a preview of his top-secret FestivAll project on the show.

Wrapping up the show is an early incarnation of Short of Cash. This band, lead by Roger Simms, formed at one of the Charleston United meetings, and they’re rapidly gaining a following. They’re going to be headlining a show this Saturday at the rec center in Marmet. We’ll have full details on this show in Friday’s PopCulteer.

That’s the notes on this week’s show. Next week we’re going to shine the RFC spotlight on Ryan Hardiman and Blue Million, with a bunch of other timely suprises thrown in just to keep things interesting.

We started trying something new last week. Here at the bottom of the post, we’re including an EXTRA HUGE version of the show!