So here’s what happened…your PopCulteer had rough drafts of two reviews (one book, one music), one of which was to be finished and posted today. However, before doing this, the plan was to run out early this morning to take care of a pressing errand.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how hot and nasty it would be, and what kind of number that would do on my Myasthenia Gravis. When I got home I was pretty much spent, and had to take some meds that make my brain not work good for sentence-making. I promised you guys fresh content every day, but today it’s going to be art.

I decided to crank out a quick digital painting, using a photo of a slick-looking custom car from a Doo Wop Road Run that took place a few years ago (and will take place again after the pandemic is over, but not this year). I have no idea what the car is, so if anybody wants to chime in and tell me, that’s what the comments are for. Meanwhile, enjoy this quick-and-sloppy digital painting that I just slapped against a psychedelic background for your amusement. It was easier and faster than struggling with words today.

And click the image if you want to see it bigger.

I might just have two review posts tomorrow, if I recover enough.