As promised, here’s the late version of Monday Morning Art.  Be sure to follow the jump for a preview of today’s Radio Free Charleston.  Today’s art is a digitally-assaulted photograph of the sky.  It was shot through the Bob Evans sign in South Charleston, and you can see a tiny airplane in the middle of the picture.  I played with the aspect ratio and colorized parts of the photo to lessen the boringness of the original picture.  Hope I succeeded.  It’s a study in color composition and looking up.

I have been slacking off big-time this summer when it comes to my Cafepress stores. However, you are now able to cruise over to the Monday Morning Art Cafepress store and purchase this image on a variety of garments and fine trinketry.   I’m also offering the images from the last several weeks of Monday Morning Art in the store, as well.  All of the artwork that I created for Emily haynes last Spring will be available from the PopCult Cafepress store at least through the end of summer. All proceeds will go to Emily, as will proceeds from the Monday Morning Art store. And as always, click the image for a larger version.  

Below are two images from episode 49 of Radio Free Charleston.  “The Concept Shirt” features full songs from The Button-Flies and The Hellblinki Sextet, plus previews of upcoming shows by The Ghosts Of Now, Under The Radar and The Concept.  And you also get some animation from my brother.  The top photo below is The Hellblinki Sextet. Below that you see The Button-Flies.  Check back here later today for production notes and links to the show.