xmas-air-logo-01Wednesday looks great on The AIR.  We are running full speed ahead toward Christmas, with thousands of loyal listeners who are tuning in and you can hear why at the website, or on this nifty embedded radio machine doohickey…

You can see the schedules for the rest of the week in the embedded thingy below, but let’s run down the highlights for Wednesday, shall we?

Wednesday at 1:30 PM Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Marcum presents a new half-hour show centered around a remarkable interview with Charlene Koontz, an eyewitness to the aftermath of the Silver Bridge tragedy. The show replays at 7 PM.

Beatles Blast presents an hour of the Beatles Christmas Fan Club records and more holiday goodness at 2 PM. These were officially released just last week, and we bring them to you with no interruptions from your humble host. We also toss in some holiday tunes from John, Paul and Ringo.

At 3 PM Mel Larch presents music from Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity, and a half hour of new holiday tunes, plus she brings you a whole hour more of Christmas music from the stage on  Curtain Call.

The RFC Audio Playhouse brings you a double-shot this week. At 5 PM tune in for Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. You can hear classic Christmas episodes of Dragnet and Suspense at 10 PM.

And in case you miss them, rest assured that we will be playing you all of The AIR’s holiday programming this weekend, and all day Monday.