Lots of friends of RFC are playing around town this weekend.  We’re going to take a quick look at some of the more notable shows in and around Charleston this weekend.  Despite the best efforts of Suddenlink to delay this post, here’s a rundown of all of the coolness music-wise in the area for the weekend of July 27-29:

Sean Richardson’s mini-tourcontinues tonight at Taylor Books, and tomorrow at Blues BBQ.  After tonight’s show, anyone in attendance is welcome to tag along as a bunch of us make the trek to Great Escape Theater in Nitro to see the midnight showing of The Simpsons Movie. You may remember Sean as a member of the Sleeping Dons on episodes two and ten of Radio Free Charleston.

If you’re more in the mood for music with a harder edge, then head over to the Labelle Theater in South Charleston for an all-ages show featuring horrorcore rap masters, Brain Trauma, plus hard rock from War Creek Mafia, Burma, Shortthrow, Psych Ward, and Stitches.  Admission is a mere seven bucks, and a loud time is guaranteed for all. Brain Trauma and War Creek Mafia are penciled in for future shots on RFC.

Saturday at the Children’s Palace parking lot in Belle, there’s a free concert with music from Virginia Street, In Formation, and Three In Addison, plus there will be hot dogs and all-around niftiness abounding.  In Formation will appear on episode 26 of RFC, and Virginia Street will be on as soon as we can get them up to LiveMix for a recording session.  Belle Town ROCK-A-ROUND
321 E 10th St, Belle, West Virginia 25015 Cost : FREE!

Saturday night it’s cause for celebration as Professor Mikereturns from near-oblivion.   This band, which lit up episodes six and eight of Radio Free Charleston, will be playing with The Concept, from episodes seven and thirteenof the show, Saturday at 10 PM at The Blue Parrot.  I’ll be there trying not to expire from tobacco smoke inhalation.  Feel free to come up and share allergy meds.  It’ll be a real rockin’ time! I’ll be seeing The Concept again at the Labelle on August 3 with the returning 69 Fingers.

If you’re homebound this weekend, but crave hot alternative rock from the early 90s, then go watch the early release of Radio Free Charleston episode 23–the reunion of The Feast Of Stephen.  The show officially drops Monday, but if you made it this far, you can go check it out now.  Go on, be one of the cool kids who gets to see it early!