pc-5-19-headerThe PopCulteer
May 19, 2017

So if you read last week’s PopCulteer, you may be aware that yesterday I underwent the second of my cataract surgeries. Everything went perfectly and I don’t want to turn Popcult into a “Rudy’s Health Update” blog, but I do want to thank Dr. Muhib Tarakji for the amazing work he and his staff did on my behalf. I have some minor life adjustments to make, like not needing glasses around the house and such, but it’s an overwhelmingly positive change and I’m glad to have it behind me.

However, I did promise to provide at least one post per day to my PopCult readers, and I did not get the chance to work ahead as much this week as I did last week, so I’m sort of taking it easy and instead of cranking out a huge essay, I’m going to present a few of my surrealist digitally-assaulted photos from last month’s trip to Chicago.

Following the photos, which are going up sans captions so as not to tempt the website demons that bedevil us these days, I’ve got one big suggestion for Stuff To Do this weekend, and plug of our programming on The AIR.

But first, here’s some stuff I saw in Chicago. The final image is a photo looking up directly below the Cloud Gate sculpture in Millenium Park.










Go See The Velvets

The Velvet Brothers are back at the Cantina for a rare two-night stand, Friday and Saturday. Your PopCulteer will try to make it out one of those nights, if he can get his sleep-cycle back under control after the early surgery days…



This Weekend On The AIR

5-16-air-logoYou know the drill…listen in at The Website, or use this nifty little embedded player…

Today we have our usual Friday schedule, with some replays in the morning and early afternoon, leading into an encore episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 3 PM and a brand-new (to The AIR) episode of Radio Coolsville, from DJ Betty Rock at 5 PM.

That’s New Wave Music, followed by Alternative Rock, and it’s cool as all get-out. Later in the evening, Jay and Jarod bring you an hour of The Third Shift at 9 PM.

Saturday you can catch replays of all of this week’s music programs during the AIR Music Mix from 7 AM to 7 PM. Of note is a new edition of The Swing Shift at 8 AM, a new Radio Free Charleston at 10 AM, The special “Hello, Dolly!” episode of Curtain Call at 2 PM and great music shows all day long. Overnight you can listen to the best local music you’ll find on Radio Free Charleston, starting at Midnight.

Sunday features a mix of talk and music, and to be honest, I haven’t scheduled it yet, so that’s about all I can say about that.

And that’s this week’s PopCulteer. Thanks for reading the blog and I’ll be seeing you.