Tonight at Midnight (and Friday at 10 PM and Saturday morning at 11 AM) you can tune in to hear a brand-new episode of Radio Free Charleston International. The emphasis is on “brand-new” this week as ten of the tracks we bring you this week are from albums released in 2016.

RFCI logo 004Mixed in with new stuff from the likes of Iggy Pop, Elton John, The Cult and Black Sabbath are deep cuts from years gone by from artists like Leaf Hound, Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello and Kraftwerk. It’s two hours of free-format radio, courtesy of Appalachian Independent Radio.

You can listen to it right on this nifty little embedded transistor radio…

Our playlist:

Iggy Pop  “American Valhalla”

Wendy James “Situation Normal at Surfrider”
Avantasia  “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”
Leaf Hound  “Growers of Mushroom”
Greenleaf  “Golden Throne”
The Cult  “Deeply Ordered Chaos”

Elton John “Claw Hammer”
Black Sabbath  “Isolated Man”
National Lampoon  “Flash Bazbo”
Alice Cooper  “Clones”
Ringo Starr  “Without Understanding”

Ozric Tentacles  “Flying Machine”
Pink Floyd  “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave and Grooving With a Pict”
Paul Kantner  “Blows Against The Empire”

Yoko Ono with Jack Douglas  “Move On Fast”
Pallas  “Something In the Deep”
Jools Holland  “Lady Madonna”
Elvis Costello  “Watching The Detectives”
Kate Bush  “Violin”

Kraftwerk  “Pocket Calculator (live)”
Polysics “Married To A Frenchman”
Plastics  “Last Train To Clarksville”
Paul McCartney  “Temporary Secretary”
Wall of Voodoo  “Hands of Love”

Red Hot Chili Peppers  “Circle of the Noose”