William Matheny: Moon Over Kenova/”Christian Name”

For our local pick in today’s 2018 PopCult Gift Guide we have a recent album and brand-new single from Mannington-born, Morgantown-based singer/songwriter, William Matheny. Matheny has been on the scene for some time, working solo and in a variety of bands. His musical style has been compared to the likes of Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Marshall Crenshaw, and The Modern Lovers’ Jonathan Richman.

Earlier this year Matheny released an EP, which thanks to bonus tracks has been expanded to full-album length. “Moon Over Kenova” now includes fourteen tracks of Matheny’s trademark witty songwriting and catchy alt-country tunes.

Track Listing:

1) Moon Over Kenova
2) Tonight & Every Night From Now On
3) That’s How I Got to Memphis
4) Blood Moon Singer (alternate version)
5) Just Be Simple
6) God’s Left Hand (Live on Mountain Stage)
7) Out for Revenge (Live on Mountain Stage)
8) Blood Moon Singer (Live on Mountain Stage)
9) Moon Over Kenova (Live on Mountain Stage)
10) Living Half to Death (Live on Mountain Stage)
11) 29 Candles (Live at the Loft, Huntington, WV)
12) God’s Left Hand (Live at the Loft, Huntington, WV)
13) Living Half to Death (Live at the Loft, Huntington, WV)
14) I Wish I Was Back in West Virginia With the Sun Shining on my Face (demo)

In addtion, there is also a new single, with songs not on “Moon Over Kenova.” You can get “Christian Name” b/w “Flashes and Cables” as a 7″ vinyl single with a custom sleeve featuring artwork by Bryn Perrott. “Christian Name” was written by William Matheny, while “Flashes and Cables” was written by Will Johnson, originally recorded by Centro-Matic.

You can purchase both the “Moon Over Kenova” CD and the “Christian Name” single, plus his earlier recordings and merch at William Matheny’s website, or you can check to see if they are in stock at our local record stores. And you can watch the official video for “Christian Name” right here…