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Win A Free Guitar, Catch Music By Melty Melty, The Drunken Gentlemen And Douglas Imbrogno On RFC 79

RFC 79 "DOMO Shirt" from RFC Archives on Myspace.

Above you see “DOMO Shirt,” the 79th episode of Radio Free Charleston. In this episode you will find the special means by which to enter The First Great Guitar Giveaway! You’ll also get to hear music from Columbus Ohio’s Melty Melty, The Drunken Gentlemen and Douglas Imbrogno, backed up by Casi Null and Jeff Ellis.

In addition to tall that, you get a brand-spanking-new Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie, and our host segments, which were filmed just last night (as I write this) at Appalachian Power Park. We decided to tape there because RFC’s camera mistress and resident diva, Melanie Larch, was called in at the last minute to sing The National Anthem. If you can’t see RFC 79 at the top of this post, click here to watch it.

We kick off the show with the long-awaited start of The First Great Guitar Giveaway from Route 60 Music and Radio Free Charleston. You’ll have to watch the show for the details, but we have finally worked out the bugs by changing the method of entry. Now you just have to send your name, address and phone number to us via email at,  and make the secret code word, as revealed in the show, the subject line. The contest runs until Midnight, September 30th. A drawing will be held at Route 60 Music in early October.

Our first musical performance this time is “The Green Green Hills Of Earth” by Douglas Imbrogno. We recorded this at Ron Sowell’s Unity Open Stage in the late summer of 2007. Doug is backed up on this number by Casi Null (this was back when The Clementines were as yet to be named) and Jeff Ellis. The notable thing about this number, aside from the fact that it’s really good, is that Doug has no memory of it. Luckily the RFC cameras were on hand to preserve the moment. For more moments like this, check out The Unity Open Stage at The Unity Church in North Charleston the second Friday of every month.

Our Mini Movie this time is “Young Couple Loves A Tire,” which is based on a short story written by Albert Camus while he was smoking a Camel and riding a camel. This story was previously adapted as a concept album, by the progressive rock group, Camel. This mini movie was shot on location by the Plant Ro Duction Secret Masonic Jar Lodge and Partridge Family Conspiracy in Venice, which they had drained for a couple of weeks so that it could pass for Los Angeles.

Melty Melty comes to us from Columbus Ohio. A few weeks ago, Tofujitsu brought them to The Empty Glass while they were celebrating their CD release. Sean, Kevin and Brian craft really cool progressive pop that recalls the work of Radiohead. We present them to you performing the song, “Same Situation,” recorded on the same night as Tofujitsu and Universes, from our recent shows.

On the way out this week we bring you The Drunken Gentlemen with “Slow Blues Thing,” which, at the moment, is an instrumental. We’ll be recording The Drunken Gentlemen (who are Guy and Bobby from The Pistol Whippers, plus the Amazing Dennis on bass) in the future with a full crew. This was grabbed with one camera during Libby Roja’s birthday show last Friday at The Empty Glass. I think it sounds and looks pretty good, considering.

That’s it for this week’s show. Next week is our 80th episode, and it falls on the 20th anniversary of debut of the Radio Free Charleston radio show, so we should do something really special…but I don’t have anything planned yet, so you’ll just have to come back and see what I can cook up in seven days.

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