Your PopCulteer is back from last weekend’s WonderFest USA in Louisville, and we had a great time. The plan is to bring you a huge photo essay this Friday, and a short video on Sunday, but for today, we’re going to go with ten or so randomly-chosen photos of the model kits on display.

At right you see a life-size model of the Robot Maria from the classic Fritz Lang film, Metropolis. She was tucked away in a corner of the model room. Nobody puts Robot Maria in a corner!

Friday you’ll get to see more photos of the models, but I also have a few shots of the dealer’s rooms, and I remembered to take a handful of photos of some of the guests.

I also plan to bring you a couple of shorter photo essays next week of some of the non-competition displays.

But for now, here’s a teensy-tiny teaser that doesn’t even scratch a cube chipped off of the tip of the iceberg…

This was a gigantic model kit of some kind of space monkey sumbitch.

A very cool, yet simple and effective diorama of The Walking Dead.

Okay, this is half of an amazingly intricate, detailed diorama based on the show, Fraser. Everything is reproduced to exact scale and every detail is perfect. It was really impressive, even to me, someone who really hates that show.

Three Zombie Nazis photobombed by Vampirella’s ass.

There’s a lot of cool stuff here, but that Metaluna Mutant really stands out.

A really nice tribute to Ray Harryhausen, the master of stop-motion animation. His daughter was one of the guests at WonderFest this year.

A table full of impressive model kits, with a generous helping of cheesecake in the middle. I’m a little suprised that the overly-sexualized Velma trope has managed to survive that awful cartoon on MAX.

A table full of primo Kaiju, at least one of which is really neat.

An impressive (and huge) sauropod. I’m not going to get more specific than that.

Finally we have an incredible paint job on a Torosaurus. I know I got this one right because, I didn’t realize it until I got home and looked at the photo, but I bought this same kit (unpainted). When I paint mine, I’m taking a different approach, but this looks freaking fantastic.