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WonderFest USA 2017: Spacecraft Part One

img_0281Your PopCulteer is back home, settled in, caught up with radio work and ready to resume posting photos from WonderFest USA, which took place last weekend in Louisville. We’ve given you a few short tastes of what we saw in this mass of overwhelming coolness (HERE and HERE), so now we’re going to get specific.

The model-builders who showed their work at WonderFest built their creations devoted to many different things. In this post we’re going to take a look at Spacecraft. You’ll recognize some of these from some of the most iconic movies and TV shows in science fiction history.

In fact, you’ll have to recognize them, because I was too busy taking photos to take notes, so that cool spaceship in our lead and second images, which looks really familiar to me and was an amazing work of art, has not quite made its way into my frontal lobes for identification purposes. Please feel free to comment and let me know what it is. It’s driving me nuts.

The models at WonderFest ranged from just an inch or two long to several feet long, so I tried to get a few shots with people in them for scale.

Here is our first look at the Spacecraft at WonderFest. Stay tuned for more creativity unleashed.


A closer look at this intricate model. If I’d gotten the hang of using reading glasses, I would’ve been able to tell you what this is. It was impressive as hell, I can tell you that.


A cool landing module of some sort.


Models of all sizes, depicting ships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Space: 1999 and more.


This was one of the largest, if not THE largest model on display.


Here’s another shot, with people in it, for scale. I think the guy in the red shirt built this beauty.


By contrast, this model was no more than five or six inches long.


Another shot of the vastness. This was just part of one table.


Okay, this Kingon Bird of Prey was freaking HUGE. And apparently it’s a kit you can buy, because there was another one a couple of tables down.


Here’s a look at the detailed paint scheme, with a person in the background for scale. He was standing about six feet behind it, by the way.


We leave this short photo essay with my favorite space ship of the show, with its pilot, the Great Gazoo.

Look for more incredible photos from WonderFest all week long.


  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Very impressive!

  2. Steve Hilby

    The big purple-and-white spaceliner is mine. It’s not based on any specific prototype, although it steals some aspects from a cover Frank R. Paul did for Amazing Stories (I think) back in the Thirties. Thanks for your kind comments!

  3. Philip Jennings

    I found “Wonderfest” by accident trying to get info on how to light a model. The “INVADERS UFO KIT”. I am really impressed with the quality an craftsmanship in these models. I hope one day I will be able to display a model at “Wonderfest”!

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