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WonderFest USA Dealer’s Room Blowout

Okay, I have to admit. I’m a bit frustrated at the slow pace that I’ve been rolling out these photo essays from WonderFest USA, which was almost two weeks ago.

Since ongoing technical issues are making it really complicated to post graphics here in PopCult, I’m going for an all-out assault.

This post will include images from the WonderFest Dealer’s Room. Next I’m going to try to round up the best of the model contest entrants that we haven’t seen yet. Then I’ll present one last post with some extra goodies.

I’m not going to caption these images because they’ve already crashed and burned this post three times, and I really want to get these out to you, post-haste.

Tom Servo, at the head of this post, was not in the dealer’s room, but I wanted to give him a spotlight. You’ll see a larger photo of him in our next post.

On to the pretty pictures…
















So that was all cool stuff that you could not only have seen, but you could have bought it if you’d gone to WonderFest USA. I wish that the gods of the internet would allow me to caption each photo, but such is not meant to be. Look for another wordless photo essay like this devoted to the model contest if this post comes through okay.


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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Very, very impressive!

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