PC Lee Rudy 01The PopCulteer
February 5, 2016

Today is the last day of our big radio premiere week.  Tonight at 8 PM you can tune in and listen to the first episode of Word Association with Lee and Rudy.  This is a pop culture talk show with a twist.  Each week your PopCulteer, the “Rudy” of the equation, and Mr. Lee Harrah, renown heavy metal singer, Ghostbuster, artist, musician, viking, barbarian and pop culture expert, sit down and focus with a laser-like intensity on one pop culture topic.

The twist is that Lee never knows in advance what that topic will be.  We are joined by Luigi, a kitchen timer shaped like an Italian chef who keeps track of the time and rings to let us know when the show is over.

You can listen to Word Association with Lee and Rudy Friday at 8 PM on Appalachian Independent Radio and to make things even easier, you can listen to Appalachian Independent Radio right here on the widget in this post.

PC Lee Rudy

If you’ve been keeping track at home, you realize that this makes four radio programs produced by General Substances, the monolithic international parent corporation of PopCult and Radio Free Charleston.  If you are a huge fan, we recommend you get up early Saturday morning and tune in to Appalachian Independent Radio (or the above widget) and prepare yourself for a five-hour block of all four programs that we produce for The AIR.

At 9 AM, prepare yourself for two hours of the finest local music that you will hear anywhere.  Radio Free Charleston continues its twenty-seven year history with this new radio incarnation.  Immediately following Radio Free Charleston, at 11 AM, we have Radio Free Charleston International, an eclectic mix of excellent and obscure music and mind-hurting weirdness from around the world.  At 1 PM, it’s time to go On The Road With Mel.  Mel Larch (also known as Mrs. PopCulteer) brings you thirty minutes of travel tips, hints, and ideas, with tons of useful information.  Right after Mel’s show, you get the replay of Word Association with Lee and Rudy.

Because we want as many people as possible to hear these new programs, we will be trying out replays at various times throughout the week.  In addition to the Saturday morning block, Radio Free Charleston can also be heard late Saturday night at 1 AM.  That’s after the Tuesday 10 AM/10 PM premiere airing.  Radio Free Charleston International can also be heard Thursday at midnight, Friday at 10 PM, and late Saturday night at 3 AM. (All times in this post are listed in Eastern Standard Time. Adjust accordingly)

We will keep you updated on the replay schedule for On The Road With Mel and Word Association with Lee and Rudy as we finalize those plans.

We are very happy and excited to be part of Appalachian Independent Radio.  It’s great to bring you a slate of terrific original uncensored and professionally produced programming and we are proud to be associated with other fine programming like Six Degrees of Separation, Empty Glass Presents, Back in the Daze, Vinyl signs and shows hosted by Lynn Browder, Lynn Rousseau, Marcus Oglesby, Lee Hale, Elaine Abdalla and others.

Remember you can listen to Appalachian Independent Radio at their website or on the handy dandy embedded widget which I will be sure to always keep posted somewhere near the top of the PopCult blog.(Both of the above photos were taken by JoeLene Harrah Weaver and are used courtesy of Rock U Photos–many thanks to JoeLene)

booster pack QUICKIEThe Booster Pack

Another cool show which will begin airing on Appalachian Independent Radio in the next week or two is The Booster Pack, a great new pop culture show. Chase Henderson (of Gorillafoot Productions and Dr. Sketchys), Terry Bartley (owner and operator of Spoiler Warning Games and Comics), and rotating guests have in depth discussions about Pop Culture. Did you know that Garfield has been dead for twenty years? Or the polymorphic, sentient rocks want to hollow out the Earth? Tune in and get a view of the entertainment industry from the very bottom.

You’ll be able to listen to The Booster Pack Wednesdays at 10 AM and 3 PM, with replays on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.


These are all the events I could find handy graphics for. You might find other cool shows I missed, but there’s plenty here for you. Please support the local scene.










That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer.  Check back for all our regular features, and get ready for an onslaught of bonus installments of the PopCult Toybox.  The PopCult crew is headed to New York City for the International Toy Fair next week and you lucky people get to attend vicariously through us.