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RFC's Official Barista, Chelsea Cook. Digital Painting by Rudy

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June 11, 2010

When I’m out shooting photos at a cool event or at ArtWalk, I always jokingly say, “Hey, the more pictures I take, the less words I have to write.”

This week, I’m going to live that idea to the fullest. I’m off for a weekend trip to MEGO Meet in Wheeling, and then on to visit family in Pittsburgh, and after a rough week, I’m too tired to write a fully-realized column. We’re going with tons of random PopCult images, like the digital painting of my RFC 100 Sidekick, Chelsea Cook that you see to the right. You’ll see another digital painting of The Kid on Monday.

Below the jump you will find an assortment of images that have piled up on my hard drive over the last few weeks. Our cool comic is mainly just a link, and our list of cool weekend events is taking a vacation.

So, rub the sand out of your eyes. Here’s a bunch of things to look at.

Backstage after “Courting Disaster.”

There was a reception at Kanawha Players Theater after the opening night of “Courting Disaster” on May 27, and I just got around to moving the photos off of the data discs.

Tasha Nicole Harris chats with outgoing KP Head Honcho, John Halstead

Tasha Nicole Harris chats with outgoing KP Head, John Halstead

Composer Mark Scarpelli with Author Jeremy Eisler

Lisa Gandee, Kelly Strom, Craig Auge and Travis Strom

Tasha and RFC Diva, Melanie Larch


More Mingling

Blue Million At Bruno’s

More Photos From The Arts Council

Part of the crowd in the spacious main lobby of the Maier Performance Hall at The Clay Center

Arts Council Chair, Naomi Bays, addresses the crowd

The incomparable Bob Thompson at the piano

More of the crowd

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

You have two chances to see this play, but more are in the works. Stay tuned.

You can see the play this weekend, with one more date coming up in St. Albans

Read last week's PopCulteer for a review and ticket info.

The Moment Of Greatest Happiness

Also see last week's column for a review of this play, starring Maria Fiorvante and Samantha Oxley, which is also closing this weekend. You should really see it. (digital painting over CYAC publicity shot)

Cool Comic Of The Week

Curvy, but not due to scurvy

Voyages Of The She Buccaneer is a stirrring Pirate adventure that follows the exploits of a gigantically-breasted female pirate. Aside from that can’t-miss premise, it’s really well-done.

The She Buccaneer begins her voyages following the death of her beloved Captain Jack Rackham. She cuts a deal with the devil to save her love’s soul, and has to recover seven gemstones to complete her mission.  The writing is clever and the art is primo modern comics cheesecake.

You can read all about it here, and be sure to check out the free webcomic by clicking on the page below.

Click this page to read the She Buccaneer's comics on the web.

Random PopCult Pictures

Lee Harrah, from WATT 4, using his wireless mic to sing from outside The Empty Glass

This should explain everything

Summer is so cruel to chocolate

Rejected Monday Morning Art because I've done too many digital paintings of this sculpture already

Self-portrait in digital oils

Not everybody liked episode 100. I think maybe the ex was behind this.

Rejected version of last Monday's art

Remember, Father's Day is just around the corner!

Next Week

With any luck, things will be back to normal. In the meantime, go watch RFC 101.


  1. Elvis Capone

    If the aliens don’t have any glass, what’s that clear stuff on their spaceship cockpits? TRANSPARENT ALUMINUM?

  2. M. Power

    great to see alan griffith back…

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