We’ve got a big week coming up for area wrestling fans. First up, tomorrow night at WVSU, you can see Professor Danger, Danny Boyd himself, in action as AWA-Apex presents “September To Dismember”. Melanie and I wrote a preview of the event for the Gazz, which you can read here. I also chime in with my personal observations about Danny’s quest for honor in the ring, here. The illustrations accompanying this post are photographs by Lisa Bragg that I digitally-assaulted. The top photo is Danny, in a bad way during a match. The bottom picture is Danny applying an arm bar to Flex, who will also be in action Friday night. Late word is that Beautiful Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express will be at the event Friday, despite having minor surgery earlier this week. It’s going to be an interesting night.

Next week, IWA East Coast gives us not one, but TWO world-class tournaments at the South Charleston Community Center. Later today, episode five of Radio Free Charleston will be online. It’s our biggest episode ever, and the voices of IWA East Coast, Kevin “Pimpdragon” Pauley and Frank Manhattan join us with previews of both tournaments, the Zero G high-flyer tourney, and the Masters Of Pain Invitational. We’ll get two flavors of professional wrestling: high-flying action in the afternoon, and sheer brutality in the evening. Kevin and Frank will tell you more about the event on RFC, and I’ll be blogging about the show all next week.