Sort of. Former WVU Football star and longtime Indianapolis Colts kicker, Pat McAfee, who, before the NFL draft defied his agent’s wishes and wrestled in an IWA East Coast match in South Charleston, has signed a contract to be an announcer, interviewer, and possibly more in WWE. I should also point out that Pat also appeared on Radio Free Charleston number 63, back in 2009.

I got to meet Pat briefly, and he was a great guy and a good sport, and you could tell that professional wrestling is his real passion. Football was a fun way to make some money, but he really wanted to be in the squared circle. He defeated the unstoppable monster, War Pig, and then went on to fame and fortune in the NFL. I don’t know if his agent ever did find out.

You can see a short photo essay of Pat’s career as a thus-undefeated wrestler HERE.

This morning McAfee tweeted a slickly-produced video, likely produced by WWE, that features footage of McAfee in the ring with Dr. Graves, and wrestling Warpig. You’ll also see the South Charleston Community Center (shortly before they banned wrestling in the building) and hear the voices of Frank Larnerd and Kevin Pauley.

You can see the video at this link.