ytotoJust say “YES” Monday as our internet radio station, The AIR, offers up yet another prog-tastic episode of Herman Linte’s Prognosis.  You can tune in at The AIR Website, or just hit the virtual button right here on this embedded radio player…

After a morning and afternoon of new music and encore presentations, thigs get wild at 3 PM with a brand-new episode of Prognosis that shines the spotlight on the controversial 1973 album, “Tales From The Topographic Ocean,” by the group, YES.

This epic and spacey concept album only features four compostions, but it originally stretched them across two LPs, with each song taking up an entire side. This week on Prognosis, Herman brings you the entire album, in order, bracketed by tracks from the 1974 “Relayer” album, which followed up “Tales.”

“Tales” was either loved or despised by fans upon its release. Critics assailed it as a prime example of the excesses of progressive rock, while die-hard fans were split between loving the experimentation and lamenting the lack of a recognizable “hit.” Band memebers were also split, with Rick Wakeman citing this album as his reason for leaving the band the first time.

Decades later, opinions are still split, but more people seem to be coming around to appreciate this for the grand sprawling statement that it was, and “Tales” has achieved some newfound respect…except for side three.

Prognosis can be heard at 3 PM Monday on The AIR, with replays Tuesday at 7 AM, Wednesday at 8 PM and as part of the AIR Music Block, which runs all day on Saturday.

At 5 PM Monday we bring you a classic episode of Harrah’s Hard & Heavy. In a few weeks we’ll have new shows from this series, but until then, you can rock out with your encore out.

At 6 PM it’s another installment the New Music Show. This is exactly what the title says. It’s new music, a mix of local and non-local, presented in a rotation so that you can see the artist and song title displayed. You’ll get to hear some of the best tracks that we play on our specialty shows here every weekday at 6 PM.

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7 PM sees a classic episode of That Conversation with Patrick Felton, while 9 PM brings us another much-requested episode of The Best of The Real with Mark Wolfe. At 10 PM The AIR revives a lost episode of Six Degrees of Separation.

At midnight, settle in for an all-night marathon of Ska Madness, with Dexter Checkers.