Things get mixed up Thursday on The AIR, as we move our Progressive Rock showcase, Prognosis, from Monday to Thursday at 3 PM.  Tune in at The AIR, or listen on this embedded player thingy…

With Mondays now occupied with our Monday Marathon, Prognosis needed a new timeslot, so we moved it to Thursday. Fans of Radio Free Charleston International should not despair. The show where yours truly gets to play whatever he wants will now be heard Friday afternoons at 1 PM.

To celebrate the move, we have a special episode of Prognosis that presents the music of YES with Trevor Horn on lead vocals. We’ll bring you tracks from the 1980 album, Drama, plus the recently-released Fly From Here Return Trip, where Trevor Horn re-recorded the vocals for this album, which originally came out seven years ago with Benoit David’s voice in the lead spot. Since the music was largely co-written by Horn back in the Drama days, and he produced the album, this wasn’t that much of a stretch.  We also have some bonus tracks from the Drama reissue that fill in the gaps between the two albums.

Prognosis can now be heard Thursday at 3 PM, with replays Friday at 7 AM, Saturday 1 PM, Tuesday at 8 PM and Wednesday at 9 AM and 10 PM.

We continue to shake up the schedule here at The AIR. Keep checking PopCult for the latest details on our new line-up and special surprises we have planned.