radio 02It’s Friday afternoon and time to go on about the fine weekend programming on Appalachian Independent Radio, “The AIR,” Charleston’s finest source of intelligent, high-quality, uncensored radio programming. You can listen at the AIRadio website, or tune in on this neat little virtual radio set…

Tonight at 8 PM on Word Association with Lee and Rudy the duo spend half an hour talking about the classic 1980s British Comedy show, The Young Ones. The two talk about their personal memories of the show and Rudy talks about all of the cool and obscure work that the creators and cast of the show did after The Young Ones wrapped up production. We even talk about Bottom, which I told you about last Sunday here in PopCult.

At 9 PM it’s  Laugh Appalachia with Lee Hale, followed at 9:30 with an encore presentation of Word Association where Lee and Rudy talk about The Marx Brothers. 10 PM sees a replay of this week’s brand-new Radio Free Charleston International, loaded with tons of cool progressive music which you can read about HERE.

sta morn airadioSaturday morning check back here for a replay of all of the cool shows I produce each week, winding up at 2 PM with an encore of this week’s edition of The Booster Pack, Starting Saturday at 9 AM, you can stay at home and listen to AIRadio for six straight hours to hear a marathon of cool programming.

The line up kicks off at 9 AM with local music on Radio Free Charleston, progressive rock on Radio Free Charleston International, the secrets of planning our next trip to Chicago on On The Road with Mel, The Young Ones on Word Association with Lee and Rudy and Creepypasta on  The Booster Pack.

You can listen to the entire General Substances/RFC line-up starting Saturday mornings at 9 AM on AIRadio. This is your best six-hour excuse to sit motionless and listen to the internet all morning on Saturday.