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120 Second Art Show: Hansford Art House

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For more details read Bill Lynch’s article in The Gazz right here.


  1. Elvis Capone

    So how does this work? You only get to look for 120 seconds, then you’re hustled out of the gallery at gunpoint? Can you come right back in again and look some more? Is there an open bar?

    120 seconds is not enough time to see that much art. I don’t want to look it up in a science book right now, but I think that’s less than a minute.

    Remember the song by the Monkees, I”M A PERUSER? Or maybe it was Lou Reed. “I’m a user, a loser, a Fraggle Rock Doozer. My momma caught me eatin’ soap, now I’m a soap abuser.”

  2. rebecca

    That was an awesome show, wasn’t it?!?!

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