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Sunday Evening Video: Beautiful World

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Y’know, I had a stellar weekend. Friday night we shot host segments for Radio Free Charleston 46 at the Hansford Art House Exhibit, then we recorded Mark Bates and The Vacancies at The Blue Parrot and The Diablo Blues Band at The Empty Glass for RFC number 48.  Saturday saw Melanie and I sitting in the front yard at Stephen and Amee Beckner’s house in Elkview watching a barrage of cool clips that Stephen had compiled featuring gunplay, chases, fight scenes and sexual tension.  We capped the evening by watching an absolutely horrible Turkish Superman movie (my contribution, I’m afraid).

So in honor of my beautiful weekend, tonight’s video clip is DEVO’s classic, “Beautiful World.” 

Photos plus a recap of the PopCult weekend follow, after the jump.

We started out Friday with a great dinner at The Bluegrass Kitchen.  I had the blackened catfish with gouda grits and steamed kale, Mel had a chicken dish.  After stuffing ourselves on the delicious meal, we headed over to the Hansford Art House exhibit, where we shot host segments for RFC 46.  I’m not posting any photos from this event, because I just did the 120 second art show from there, and besides, we only shot video.  Watch the show when it hits so you can check out the cool art on display.

A quick trip back to the house later, we found ourselves at The Blue Parrot, where we recorded three tunes by Mark Bates and The Vacancies, who you read about here, remember.  

MBV put on a killer show that we would have stuck around to hear all of, but duty called and we made our way to the Blues Summit at The Empty Glass.  We missed Blind Terrance, but we caught the entire set by The Diablo Blues Band (above). And we captured two songs by this terriffic group for Radio Free Charleston.  We had to take off before The Leon Waters Blues Band took the stage, but we got to see Raymond and the guys before the show, and we’ll catch ’em next time.  It had been a long night for us.

DBB’s Johnny “Hurricane” Compton is one of the finest blues guitarists in a city that’s chock full of excellent blues guitar masters. 

I’ll write more about both bands in a couple of weeks, when RFC 48, featuring Mark Bates and The Vacancies and The Diablo Blues Band hits the web.

After shooting host segments plus five songs by two bands, covering three locations, in just under six hours, we needed a rest.  Saturday we stopped for another excellent meal, this time at Barone Brother’s Pizza in Mink Shoals, before heading up to The Beckner Estate in Elkview.  I’m going to round out this post with some un-captioned photos of the wonderful movie night.


  1. Elvis Capone

    Few people know that Turkish Taffy was invented by the Turkish Superman. You are now one of those people.

  2. Longtime Listener

    Any evening that includes Clint Eastwood AND Joe Strummer has to be cool, indeed. Makes me wish I were social.

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