gI_59239_postcardThe PopCulteer
March 14, 2014

As observant readers of this blog may know, your PopCulteer is on the road at the moment, as a gueat of JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. I am trying to bring you some updates from the road, using a Frankensteined laptop and our lovely hotel’s WiFi connection.

Thursday was spent on an incredible tour that took us to three cool places.Today I will attempt to bring you three short photo essays of our journey, led by the steady hand of Fred, the Jedimaster bus driver. We also shot some video, but you’ll have to wait until next week for it.

Finally, we stopped at the house of master dioramist, Brian Tatum. Brian keeps his toy collection in a 5,000 square feet warehouse that adjoins his house. This small photo essay just scratches the surface of what Brian has. Next week I will post more photos and probably a video of his amazing stash of toys. Because of this, I presenting this photo essay without many captions. Brian’s collection was jaw-dropping in its size and scope.

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Pieces of epic diorams past

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Training Towers? You say you need Training Towers?

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