Radio Free Charleston 65, “Give Peace A Chance Shirt,” was first posted April 8, 2009. This episode showcased two songs performed by Bare Bones, an acapella group consisting of Bill Kimmons, Becky Kimmons, and Mark Davis. We also present the short film “FOOTLUCY”, starring the late Joe McComas. Plus, there’s animation by Wallace Padillo. Original production notes are here. If it seems odd that I keep saying “Bare Bones Acapella,” rest assured that it’s all in your perception and is not a sign that I thought the word “acapella” was part of their name.

If you enjoy Bare Bones, then you should head out to the East End Main Street Pub Crawl tonight, so you can catch them singing on the Trolley, which will be shuttling the drinkers from one bar to another in celebration of St. Patrick and his fine day. I guess that seems like a good idea. At least the singing will be lovely!

drunk shito